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Connecting couples to wedding vendors


My Role

Six months

UX/UI Designer

I was responsible for user research, ideation, low/high fidelity wireframes and prototyping. I worked closely with the dev team to discuss technical feasibility and ensure designs were implemented with proper functionality and UI.


Antonio Sutjiadi

Merari Talitha

Adi Puspokusumo

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Existing wedding directories are outdated and not optimised for browsing. Often times, couples have trouble finding relevant content because it's difficult to navigate. Planners would use several applications or websites to search for wedding inspiration. Couples need something that is intuitive and keeps all of their inspiration in one place.

Defining the problem

How might we build an experience that allows couples to discover wedding photographers in one place?


Wedora is a one-stop shop for all your wedding needs. This platform allows couples to browse inspiration, compile mood boards and book wedding photographers all in one place for a seamless experience.



We interviewed 13 recently engaged individuals who are currently in the middle of the wedding planning process to understand more about their frustrations. I was in charge of listening through the recorded interviews and categorising their responses on Miro.

Some key findings from the surveys include: 

• Being overwhelmed with the planning process

• Vendors are unresponsive

• Existing wedding directories are outdated or generic

• Couples use multiple tools to plan

Screenshot at Jul 27 09-33-36.png


From the research and analysis, I then created user personas to better understand the user's needs, experiences and goals. 


_Yellow Professional Gradient User Persona Company Presentation (1).jpg


I took part in several workshops with the lead UX designer and UX researcher where we collaborated on synthesizing findings and brainstorming solutions to give users the best experience. This particular workshop focused on honing in on the unique value proposition.

Screenshot at Jul 27 09-35-27.png


Low-fidelity Wireframes

After identifying who the user is and the purpose of the app, I created low-fidelity wireframes and here I was tasked with designing the screens for a user creating their profile.

Planner wedora (2).png


The designs went through several iterations and discussions with the business and dev teams to ensure a scalable and user friendly experience. Here you can see the final result of the high-fidelity wireframes.

High-Fidelity Wireframes

Planner wedora (1).png
Search wedora (1).png


This was my first experience with a UX team and I learned so much through this project, ranging from how to use Figma to handing off designs to developers. I had to learn quickly on the job, but I took time to take online courses and enjoyed it, which ultimately led me to further my studies in Interactive Media Management. In the end, it was rewarding to see our research and development become an actual product. 

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